We offer the most robust and innovative accounting, operations and information systems software, offering extensive drill downs at ANY level. Imagine your own unique dashboard, feeding you the business intelligence you need, when you need it.

MAGIC Software


MAGIC Software

Magic Software’s meta-data based software application platforms solve a myriad of typical business challenges. With Magic, we can provide you with more cost-effective IT operations, ensure your applications meet your business demands effectively, optimize organizational productivity, preserve your existing IT investments and ensure future functionality, and maximize security for new web applications.



For small to mid-size companies doing business globally, there is no better financial accounting and process management software solution than SAGE PFW. This ERP system provides rich functionality in its all-encompassing suite of Process Manufacturing applications. Integrating core accounting with process manufacturing and distribution, SAGE PFW connects all your business processes, even at the highest levels of complexity, to facilitate improvements in efficiency, aliogh resources, aid in compliance issues, and ensure greater profitability. Fully adaptable and scalable, SAGE PFW will support your business processes today AND as your business grows.



-  Formula/Recipe Management

-  Production

-  Quality Control

-  Lot Tracking

-  Government Compliance


-  MRP

-  Consolidations, Revaluation and Currency Translation

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